Etymology of the name "Gadabout" derives from its Polish counterparts "Powsinoga"

  • someone who restlessly moves from place to place seeking amusement or the companionship of others
  • a restless seeker after amusement or social companionship

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I come from the city of ▶ Ciechocinek (they are the largest brine graduation towers in the world and beautiful summer theater). I live in Torun (kuyavian-pomeraniam arean in Poland). I am quite good ▶ Google Local Guide - level 7 (director). I work and permeate here and there. By profession I am a political scientist - media advisor. For many years I was not afraid to create bold events such as open concerts and closed parties. I dealt with booking dates and venues of concerts for the most popular artists in Poland. For several years I was a multi-functional manager at the Lizard King music club in Toruń. Throughout my life I have actively participated in over 1000 events, both as a journalist, bands manager, event or pr manager. Now I am handling the public relations and advertisement of all kinds of events and places, also on special orders. Is my specialty. Nice to meet You here or there ;-)


The scope of my artistic activities, both human (public relations) and superhuman (advertising) includes here and now:

  • CONSULTING - help and learning how to work with the media, representation, creative training for every willing person and company
  • ANALYTICS - research, consulting, constructive criticism, catching errors and distortions in the activities of institutions, companies as public figures
  • PRODUCTION - comprehensive coordination of the implementation of events from the idea to the stage design (mainly own and friendly events)
  • COPYWRITING - inventing names, titles, slogans, short messages, media concepts and narratives in interpersonal communication, creating new quality
  • MARKETING - mixing tools to build the WOW effect, from outdoor to social media in the context of promoting places and towns (including villages)


It is not only organizing concerts, festivals, other events and projects, but also creating reality based on my concepts, experiences. I went through all the stages of production, and i was often the author of concepts, scenarios and the executive producer of media and advertising campaigns. It brought me a lot of joy, experiences and solutions, but above all, knowledge in many industries. My optics to the world equals 360 degrees!


J a z z p o s p o l i t a is one of the most interesting phenomena in polish alternative music. Nine years into their career they have released six albums and played more than 300 gigs around Europe. The 2015 Tour pushed the band to go as far as to China where they recorded album “Jazzpo! Live Made in China”. The band established their own and distinguishable sound. The strength of Jazzpo, as called by fans, lies in the unique compositions that place the band on the edge of jazz, post-rock, and electronic music. Combination of jazz harmonies, overdriven guitars, and electronic sounds enabled the band to attract a widely varied audience as well as to perform at jazz clubs and major popular festivals.

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